Sunday, August 14, 2011

Across The Aisle "In Ska We Trust" EP Review

2010’s “In Ska We Trust” is Across The Aisle’s 3rd EP. I previously reviewed “Change Nothing” at the link. I really liked “Change Nothing” and this EP matches or betters it.

“Leave You” kicks the EP off. This song has a very unique opening with the hi hat and horns before the rest of the band joins in. There's a lot of pep and the hooks pull you in. This is one of the better pop oriented songs I’ve heard in quite a while.

“Get Up And Go” is another song with a really unique intro. There’s an interesting drum line before a two tone-esque guitar part and hand clapping before launching into a catchy horn melody that is reminiscent of Reel Big Fish. There is more prominent use of backing vocals than I’ve heard previously from ATA.

“Fears Aside” is a good song, but is much more punk oriented and definitely toes the line of what is ska. The traditional “and” beat guitar is absent in favor of power chords. I’m not familiar with how ATA sets up their live sets, but this song would seem to be an excellent closer.

The instrumental variety continues with “Astronot”! The guitar arpeggios in the intro remind me of the Animals or Fastball. The horns’ held notes add drama to the mix before the verse. The verse vocal melodies are great and I really like the horn melodies throughout. This is a top notch song.

“Beer Song” brings the album to a close with a hand from Coolie Ranx!

This is a wonderful EP and certainly worthy of picking up from CDBaby in either physical or MP3 formats for $4.99. Ska bands seem to be falling left and right this year so it’s great that bands like Across The Aisle keep playing.

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